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Photo courtesy of Jennifer Waldon

Adults aren’t the only ones who feel the stress of the busy holiday season. Between parties, entertaining, shopping, wrapping, decorating, hosting visitors, baking, and other festivities that go along with the winter season, it can be exhausting even to think about, never mind take part in!

With millions of babies born each winter, we thought now was a perfect time to introduce you to our friends at Isis Parenting, the pros for expecting and new parents. We’re delighted to have Marena Burnett* from Isis here to share her tips for parents to beat the baby blues this winter and get out of the house, baby in tow.

Winter is finally here and the beginning of a whole new year is just around the corner! While the Oxford team has already enjoyed the first snow flurry of the season, the Cambridge office is still awaiting this tell-tale sign of winter. Please read on to enjoy a sampling of our illustrations that capture the magic of the season—our way of wishing you and your family a wonderful New Year full of warmth and happiness!