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The Girl with a Brave Heart

When a new baby arrives, we fall in love with all of their perfect little details. We count their tiny fingers and toes, coo over their perfect little lashes, and smooch the chubby rolls of baby fat on their arms and legs. It’s no different when our book babies first arrive in the Barefoot Books offices!

A penniless man passes a street vendor. All he has to eat is a crust of bread he has picked up from the street. From the vendor’s cooking pots wafts a delicious aroma. The man stops to soften his bread in the steam, only to find the vendor’s hand on his shoulder. As far as the vendor is concerned, the poor man should be paying to let the steam add flavour his bread.

Every year, nearly two billion people observe Ramadan, the Islamic month of fasting, and tonight just so happens to mark the beginning of this holy time for Muslims. Ramadan is a time of reflection and prayer, intended to remind devotees about the virtues of patience, spirituality, humility and submission  to Allah. To mark this important month, here are some facts from The Barefoot Books World Atlas and Barefoot World Atlas app about famous Islamic holy sites: