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Five Reasons to Become a Barefoot Books Ambassador this February | Barefoot Books

Join in February to get The Girl with a Brave Heart in our Love & Acceptance Set!

Are you looking for a new opportunity to learn and grow? To open children’s hearts and minds with multicultural books they’ll love to read? To be recognized for all your hard work? To make a big impact on families in your community…and beyond? If so, you’re in the right place!

Flexible and fun, with no minimums or hidden fees, the Barefoot Books Ambassador Program empowers you to run your business your way, to pursue your own goals–and get great discounts on the books you love!

This February is a fabulous time to start your Barefoot journey! Here’s why:

  1. Five Reasons to Become a Barefoot Books Ambassador this February | Barefoot Books

    Good friends + great conversations + gorgeous books = a Barefoot event!

    Join before February 29th to receive 6 of our favorite books…in addition to the Starter Kit! This month, we’re sending each new joiner our Love & Acceptance Set - consider it our Valentines’ Day gift to you! Including The Girl with a Brave Heart (pictured above), The Boy who Grew Flowers, and other Barefoot favorites, this hand-picked, multicultural selection of stories about compassion and confidence will perfectly complement your Starter Kit. These 6 books will give you an extra edge as you launch your business and begin to make a difference in children’s lives!

  2. Double Host rewards: If you’re worried that you’ll have trouble convincing people to book events in this cooooooooold month, don’t be! Everyone is looking for ways to stave off the cabin fever. You’ll have plenty of eager hosts chomping at the bit to hold Barefoot Books events at their homes–especially with our special Double Host rewards! Such a can’t miss Host special makes it all the easier for you to land bookings right away and get your business off to a great start.

    Five Reasons to Become a Barefoot Ambassador in February | Barefoot Books

    The opportunity is completely flexible, so you can achieve YOUR dreams YOUR way!

  3. Reading Resolutions: This February, we’re challenging families to stick to the Reading Resolutions they made in January. As an Ambassador, you can use our buy 3, get 4th free consumer offer to enable families to get more books for less cash! Our Children’s Literacy Workshop event theme pairs perfectly with this offer. Plus, we’ve created fresh new content about children’s literacy — check out our blog posts on why you shouldn’t pressure kids to learn to read early and the visual literacy benefits of wordless books. They’re perfect for reminding a potential hostess of her treasured dream of seeing the children in her life grow and thrive.

  4. Speaking of dreams…what are yours? You can use the Ambassador program specifically to help you achieve the personal growth YOU want to see in your life. If you long to conquer a new challenge or gain recognition for your skills; to step outside your comfort zone or inspire others to do so; or to pay for a family vacation or pay off student debt, our supportive Ambassador community and expert training will equip you to reach YOUR goals.
    Five Reasons to Become a Barefoot Ambassador this February | Barefoot Books

  5. Lastly, and most importantly, becoming an Ambassador is a decision you can feel great about. When you become an Ambassador, you join a community passionate about sharing stories, connecting families and inspiring children. You share beautiful, educational and inclusive books and products with your community; and in doing so, nurture a love of storytelling, creativity and diversity that empowers children to see the world in a whole new light.

Are you ready to begin your Barefoot journey? We at Home Office are so excited to help you reach toward YOUR dreams and can’t wait to see what you achieve!



2013 was an action-packed year for us at Barefoot Books. Here are some media highlights:

The mission statement that runs in all of our books says, “At Barefoot Books, we celebrate art and story that opens the hearts and minds of children from all walks of life.” Our content team is passionately committed to creating books that are inclusive for children of all races, genders, abilities and backgrounds. So when we saw a call for papers about diversity, inclusion and equality in children’s literature, we were all over it!


Today, we are excited to share with you an interview with a creative member of the Barefoot Books team. José-Luis Olivares, Graphic Designer, spends his days designing visual materials for our website, our Ambassadors, our studios and even this blog! José-Luis is an innovative cartoonist and illustrator in addition to working in the design team in our US office. Read on to learn more about José-Luis!

In The Girl with a Brave Heart, Shiraz befriends an old woman by helping to tidy her house, clean up her garden and comb her hair. The story takes place in Tehran, the capital of Iran, formerly known as Persia. Colourful, intricately painted tiles decorated the floors and walls of houses, palaces and houses of worship in this part of the world. In this activity, you will create your own mosaic tile inspired by The Girl with a Brave Heart and traditional Persian tiles.

Photo from

The Iranian origins of our first new book for 2013, The Girl with a Brave Heart, have set the Barefoot Books offices abuzz about all things Iranian. This is a special time of year for the Iranian peoples. Nowruz, the Persian New Year, will fall on 20 March 2013. This date marks the first day of spring and the first day of the Iranian calendar. The holiday has been celebrated for over three thousand years, and is now observed in many countries all over the world.

The Girl with a Brave Heart

When a new baby arrives, we fall in love with all of their perfect little details. We count their tiny fingers and toes, coo over their perfect little lashes, and smooch the chubby rolls of baby fat on their arms and legs. It’s no different when our book babies first arrive in the Barefoot Books offices!

Most of the books we publish at Barefoot are developed in house, but every now and then I find one on another publisher’s programme and think ‘This is a Barefoot story!’ I came across The Girl with a Brave Heart last year, at the Bologna Children’s Book Fair. It had been published in Hebrew by Kinneret Zmora-Bitan Publishing and luckily for me, no-one had snapped up the English language rights.