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Today’s podcast is an Irish tale of two shepherds. When a white butterfly flies out of one of the shepherd’s mouth while he is sleeping, the other follows it until he reaches a horse skull. Once he returns, the now awake shepherd tells him about how he discovered a castle in his dreams. Be sure to tune in!

I am a fan of audio books. When my children were small, the voice of Sir Michael Hordern narrating The Chronicles of Narnia transformed long car journeys, keeping all of us spellbound. So did the voice of Hugh Lupton narrating Tales of Wisdom and Wonder and, later, The Adventures of Odysseus. This weekend, my driving was made infinitely more pleasurable by having Sophie Thompson’s narration of Emma to hold my attention.  And it came as no surprise recently when a friend who reads The Economist told me that the audio version of this newspaper has become far more popular than the print edition.

Thank you to everyone who left a comment and entered the contest, we loved hearing from you! Congratulations to Adele Knight, our winner. This contest is now closed, please stay tuned for more!

Today’s podcast is a French tale about a king and a queen who cannot have children, so they adopt a white rat. One day, a magician comes to the kingdom and transforms the rat into a princess, but he tells the king and queen that he cannot change the princess’ true self. Tune in to find out what true self the princess has!