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The crew at Barefoot Books is coming together and everyone is making paper boats to celebrate the release of Starlight Sailor in a new format—a large board book! Use these easy-to-follow instructions to join the crew and make your own paper boat, then share your nautical creations with us by tagging @BarefootBooks and #paperboat on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram. If you’re in the neighborhood of our Oxford, UK or Concord, MA studios this month, stop by and make a paper boat for our maritime displays!

Ready for a craft that’s perfect for summer? This activity teaches you how to create a paper mobile using templates inspired by A Hole in the Bottom of the Sea. Turn your house into an aquarium by hanging these mobiles above your bed or in a window! You can adapt this project for all ages. Youngsters can color the sea creatures with crayons and an adult can assemble, or older kids can modify the activity to include sea creatures of their own design. Have fun as you travel to the bottom of the sea!

Here at the Barefoot Books Studios we love to read My Mama Earth, so it was only natural that we incorporated some of the great watercolour illustrations into an inspired craft. Read on for instructions on how to make your own tropical fish with brilliant features.

This time last year, I was present-hunting in Exmouth Market, London, when I came across an enchanting selection of hand-woven cotton toys. When I noticed that they had been produced by a company called Barefoot Ceylon, I was even more intrigued. I bought two of the animals as Christmas gifts for Nancy and her husband Marty.

As you may have noticed, we are now on Pinterest! Via Pinterest you’re able to go behind the scenes at Barefoot Books: you’ll see some of the images and ideas that inspire our work.

This week was a milestone for our Oxford Studio, as we heard the exciting news that the Storytellers’ Cafe has won Junior Magazine’s Design Award for the best family restaurant in England. Hurrah! This photograph shows you the men behind the menu: Vladimir and Jose Niza are brothers and between them they create the dishes that we serve in our cafe. If you happen to be at large in north Oxford, why not stop by and sample some of our offerings? We have fresh fruit smoothies, tasty soups and sandwiches, delicious fish cakes, flavoursome omelettes… I could go on, and I haven’t even mentioned the carrot cake, or the capuccinos, artfully adorned by our barista, Alexandra.

Oh my goodness, March is already upon us. For Barefoot Books as a business, this means that the end of the first quarter is looming. So we huddle up in strategy meetings and stare at spreadsheets and rejoice when orders come in. For me personally, March has other resonances too, made more vivid this year by a spell of deliciously warm weather.

Today, we are excited to share with you part two of our Q & A with Piña and Lisa, our wonderful Concord Studio foreign language instructors. Read on for Piña and Lisa’s tips on raising a bilingual child, and don’t forget to check out last week’s post to discover why learning to understand and speak a foreign language is a great way to gain insight into other cultures and ways of life.

Today is UNESCO’s International Mother Language Day! We spoke with Piña Madera* and Lisa Locklin**, two fabulous instructors who offer classes at our Concord Studio, to learn why children should learn a foreign language. Please read on for our Q & A with Piña and Lisa, and come back next week for part two!

When we moved the UK office from Bath to Oxford last summer, one of the changes I most enjoyed was being in close contact with our young audience. In Oxford, our desks and our conference room  are separated from the first floor studio by no more than a slender glass partition, with a glass door in the middle. All kinds of exciting things happen in the Studio: drumming workshops, postnatal yoga, baby-signing sessions, birthday parties.