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A penniless man passes a street vendor. All he has to eat is a crust of bread he has picked up from the street. From the vendor’s cooking pots wafts a delicious aroma. The man stops to soften his bread in the steam, only to find the vendor’s hand on his shoulder. As far as the vendor is concerned, the poor man should be paying to let the steam add flavour his bread.

In this week’s podcast, the Devil and a widowed witch decide to wreak havoc on a village by creating a blizzard and stealing the moon and stars on Christmas Eve. Will Vakula be able to trudge through the snow to prove himself worthy of the wealthy Oksana? See who gives him a royal helping hand when you tune in!

We’re pleased to share with you part two of the interview with Shahrukh Husain, author of our new book: The Wise Fool: Fables from the Islamic World. You can learn more about this extraordinary author here. Please leave a comment and let us know what your favourite fable is. We hope you’ve enjoyed learning about The Wise Fool and look forward to your feedback.

Every so often a person comes along who helps you understand the world in an entirely new way. Today, we are pleased to share with you just such a person in this interview with Shahrukh (Shah) Husain. Shah is an extraordinary writer with an infectious passion for understanding other cultures and making the complexities of different lands accessible to children and adults alike. We share part one of this interview to celebrate our new book The Wise Fool, written by Shah and illustrated by Micha Archer.