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Since writing about Ruby’s first walk to school, I’ve loved every minute of creating her further adventures. From sleeping in a moonlit tent amid giants and dragons, right through to her apprehension at the impending arrival of her impish baby brother, Leon, Ruby has been fun.

I don’t usually blog on Fridays, but then I don’t usually find myself putting on my pyjamas when I get into work, and skidaddling down the road and round the corner to say hello to the Deputy Prime  Minister. Today was our fundraising day for Cutteslowe Primary School. We were all required by the redoubtable Fiona Ross to put on our best pyjamas and enter into the spirit of things. The children and teachers did the same — but no-one seemed to have got the pyjama piece of the message through to Nick Clegg. Never mind! We were still very excited to meet him and to introduce him to Ruby, to the business and to the Ambassador opportunity. Ruby’s creator, Kathryn White, came along too and did a fabulous job introducing Ruby to the children. And Beth was in overdrive as our official photographer!

Summer is finally upon us, and that means it’s time to experience the great outdoors! Some of us like having a rugged adventure out in the wilderness, while others prefer enjoying nature a bit closer to home. In our book Ruby’s Sleepover, Ruby and her friend Mai spend an imaginative night under canvas, where they use a variety of magical objects to keep themselves safe from the dangers of the night.

Check out our interview with Kathryn White* and Miriam Latimer**, the author and illustrator of Ruby’s School Walk, and get excited for the start of a new school year. Learn about the inspiration for Ruby and what they like best about this Barefoot Books’ character!

It happens every autumn. Millions of young children start school for the very first time. They carry backpacks, lunchboxes, pencils, sometimes a grin on their face, but more often, a look of trepidation about what school will really be like. They wonder: Will my teacher be nice? Will I have friends? What if I can’t find my way? Who will sit with me? What will I do? What if I don’t like it? What if I miss home? What if it’s too hard?