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The Girl with a Brave Heart

When a new baby arrives, we fall in love with all of their perfect little details. We count their tiny fingers and toes, coo over their perfect little lashes, and smooch the chubby rolls of baby fat on their arms and legs. It’s no different when our book babies first arrive in the Barefoot Books offices!

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Every now and again, we embark on a project which is quite ambitious. A current example of this is Robin of the Greenwood. We capered merrily into the greenwood to tell of this great English outlaw, inspired by the spirit of liberty he represents. Before long, we had a gripping text by David Calcutt, who went back to the ballads of Robin Hood, some of which were first recorded in the fourteen century. Then we invited Grahame Baker-Smith to take on the not insignificant challenge of illustrating a large-format gift book that runs to over 100 pages.

Thank you to everyone who left a comment and entered the contest, we loved hearing from you! Congratulations to Shari Novek, our winner. This contest is now closed, please stay tuned for more!

This week’s podcast comes from The Barefoot Book of Pirates, and is based on the adventures of the famous outlaw Robin Hood. In ‘Robin Hood and the Pirates,’ Robin Hood joins a fishing crew, but struggles to prove his worth. Be sure to tune in to see if Robin Hood successfully befriends the crew, and read on for a chance to win!