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A few weeks ago we announced the Little Angel Theatre’s production of The Tear Thief in London. This live-staging of Carol Ann Duffy’s book uses exquisite wooden puppets designed by Jan Zalud. These carefully crafted marionettes are based on Nicoletta Ceccoli’s dreamy illustrations and bring the characters to life onstage. The show opened with some very positive reviews.

I don’t remember when I first heard the story of ‘The Snow Queen’ as a child, but as an adult this story continues to exercise a powerful hold on me. The Snow Queen herself is the embodiment of the dark side of feminine energy, rather like the white witch in Narnia. The shattering of the mirror is the fracturing of our childhood innocence, and Gerda’s courage as she heads into the unknown to rescue Kay is a metaphor for all of our journeys from childhood to adulthood.

We have had a hectic half-term week in the Oxford Studio.  Thank you to everyone who has come along to enjoy the many performances that were on offer, to browse and buy our books and to savour the many treats in the Storyteller’s Cafe. A special thank you to Amanda Morley, of the Phil & Jim Puppet Theatre Company, who adapted ‘The Drummer Boy’ from The Barefoot Book of Indian Tales to mark the festival of Divaali.

Every now and again someone comes along wanting to turn one of our stories into a theatre production. This is always an exciting process, as a whole new set of creative skills is required to lift a story from the page and bring it to life in a theatre setting.