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A few weeks ago we announced the Little Angel Theatre’s production of The Tear Thief in London. This live-staging of Carol Ann Duffy’s book uses exquisite wooden puppets designed by Jan Zalud. These carefully crafted marionettes are based on Nicoletta Ceccoli’s dreamy illustrations and bring the characters to life onstage. The show opened with some very positive reviews.

Roll up, roll up! At 3.00pm on Sunday 16 September, one of Britain’s best-loved, award-winning actors, Unicorn President Juliet Stevenson will read aloud from Poet Laureate Carol Ann Duffy’s best-seller, The Tear Thief.

One of the most exciting cultural events of the year in England is the opening this month of a major new exhibition of Leonardo da Vinci’s work at the National Gallery. This is the first time so many of Leonardo’s masterpieces have been displayed here; the kind of works that you need time and space to look at and walk around in. I am staring at my rather overcrowded diary and trying to work out when to go.