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As you may have noticed, we are now on Pinterest! Via Pinterest you’re able to go behind the scenes at Barefoot Books: you’ll see some of the images and ideas that inspire our work.

It’s time for a new sneak peek into Autumn at Barefoot! What sorts of adventures await you this autumn? Read on to find out about a few of the new season’s books!

Many experts believe that the staple of a truly great picture book is a balance between text and illustrations that captures the essence of the story. The yin and yang of text and illustration encourages children to think creatively by comparing and contrasting the visual and literal contents that are represented in the book. Among the first visual materials that children come in contact with, illustrations in picture books play an important role in jump-starting their visual literacy.

Today, we’re excited to share with you another one of our sneak peek blog posts. Take a look below for a preview of the books that will be coming your way soon—and as always, enjoy!

As an editor, I have been asked to give talks about my job and the editorial process for a variety of organizations. I’ve spoken for critique groups, conferences, and classrooms of all types — from graduate seminars in publishing to first-grade Career Days. I love being asked to speak about my job to anyone who wants to listen. Making books is such a strange and satisfying process, and it’s fun giving folks a peek behind the scenes of their favorite titles.

A few weeks ago, I had the great pleasure of traveling to the bayous of Houma, Louisiana to give a talk at the Jambalaya Writers’ Conference to a group of aspiring children’s book authors and illustrators. Being a Southern girl to the bone and a former resident of that sweaty, wonderful part of the country, I could not wait to get back to Louisiana to run my mouth about my favorite subject: picture books!

Recently I learnt that Maurice Sendak had died at the age of 83. The news led me straight to the mantelpiece in my sitting room. Many picture books have a special place in my home, but the only ones that sit in this particular place of honour are all by Sendak. I scooped up the books and carried them upstairs to bed, and spent a nostalgic half hour journeying through the night kitchen, travelling through the months of the year with Chicken Soup with Rice and, of course, pulling on my imaginary wolf suit and sailing away with mischievous Max to where the wild things are.

It’s time for another sneak peek of our new books! Take a look below for a preview of the books that are scheduled for release in May and June—we are excited to share a glimpse of them with you!

This weekend, Twelfth Night has come and gone and I have taken down my Christmas decorations (no-one in my part of the world leaves their decorations up beyond Twelfth Night–it is considered bad luck to do so). Whenever I carry out this ritual, I take a careful second look at all of my Christmas cards, just in case there is a talented illustrator I can have in my sights for a future Barefoot Books project.

The lights of the shop have been turned down, the chefs have gone home from the cafe, and the office staff have closed their computers. But the day is not over: every Tuesday evening, Jo Kelsey runs a pilates class for adults in our first floor studio. And every other Tuesday, Vic and I run workshops for aspiring illustrators and writers. Here are some photographs from last week’s Tuesday activities, and here are seven tips that came out of the writing workshop: