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Owl-eyed Group Managing Editor Kate DePalma poured all of her love and enthusiasm for Homer’s Iliad into The Adventures of Achilles, a new addition to the Barefoot Books collection. Read on about Kate’s epic journey into the world of the mighty Achilles!

Today, we are excited to share with you a Q & A with Clare Beaton, illustrator of our two new board books, Clare Beaton’s Bedtime Rhymes and Clare Beaton’s Farmyard Rhymes. Clare has created over twenty books with us, and is internationally recognised for her distinctive fabric collages. Read on to learn more about Clare, how she makes her gorgeous illustrations and which rhyme collection themes she would like to work on next!

Those of you who attended the Ambassador Conference in Concord last summer will remember that our wonderful illustrator, Miriam Latimer, was a few months pregnant with her first baby. I am DELIGHTED to announce that Miriam is now the proud Mum of Leon Arthur, who was safely delivered to her in north Devon on Sunday 24 January. In case you are wondering, there IS a wisp of blonde hair beneath his little cap. Mum, Dad and baby are all doing well.

Advance copies of our Spring 2012 books are beginning to arrive at the Cambridge and Oxford offices! Take a look below for a preview of the tiles to be released in February and March—we are excited to share a glimpse of them with you!

Today, we are excited to share with you a Q & A with Jackie Morris about the artwork she created for The Greatest Gift, our book about the fourth wise man. Read on to learn more about Jackie, how her gorgeous illustrations came to be and her thoughts on the true spirit of Christmas!

The Statue of Liberty that adorns New York harbour has played in my imagination since I was a small child. But it was only when I went on a harbour tour last year that I discovered the statue was created by a French artist and was a gift from the people of France to the citizens of America. This memory has resurfaced in the past few weeks, as I have liaised with the exceptional French artist, Miss Clara, over her designs for the Barefoot Books tree that is our contribution to the Concord Museum’s Family Trees Exhibition.

Today, we are excited to share with you a special Q & A with Anna Witte and Micha Archer, the author and illustrator of Lola’s Fandango. Read on to learn about the inspiration for Lola, how the illustrations came to be and a little more about these amazingly talented women!

…who would you be? This was the question we asked the guests who came to our launch party earlier this month. We invited the wonderful Sophie Herxheimer to paint everyone’s vision of themselves. Sophie sat talking, listening and painting from 7.00pm til 11.00pm, by which time she had created over 30 remarkable pieces of work. Here are some of the results. Puck is my older son, Francis, and I chose to be the fairy godmother in Cinderella. Who would you be, and why?

Every now and again, we embark on a project which is quite ambitious. A current example of this is Robin of the Greenwood. We capered merrily into the greenwood to tell of this great English outlaw, inspired by the spirit of liberty he represents. Before long, we had a gripping text by David Calcutt, who went back to the ballads of Robin Hood, some of which were first recorded in the fourteen century. Then we invited Grahame Baker-Smith to take on the not insignificant challenge of illustrating a large-format gift book that runs to over 100 pages.

Check out our interview with Kathryn White* and Miriam Latimer**, the author and illustrator of Ruby’s School Walk, and get excited for the start of a new school year. Learn about the inspiration for Ruby and what they like best about this Barefoot Books’ character!