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Ah . . . there are few things that bring back memories more strongly than smell.  Here are some of my favorites, from the festival of Hanukkah, the Jewish holiday that starts tonight and celebrates the miracle of oil lasting long enough to rebuild the Temple during the 2nd century BCE:

It’s over forty years since the summer of 1966, when the Red Guards stormed into the homes and lives of families across China, and Mao Zedong’s Cultural Revolution gained an unstoppable momentum. For eight-year-old Guo Yue, one of a family of six children growing up in a traditional courtyard in the backstreets of Beijing, this was an unforgettable summer. The story of that summer is hauntingly retold by Yue and his wife, Clare Farrow, in his memoir, Little Leap Forward.

We’re in the thick of the festive season and were wondering how families celebrate this time of year. We asked our friends on our Facebook page and were so excited by all of the responses (nearly 100!) that we wanted to share some of them them all with you. Read on for some favorites!

Today, we are excited to share with you the sixth in our series of posts highlighting members of the Barefoot Books team. Katie Livesey, Commissioning Editor, uses her sharp eyes and ears to find new stories to bring to the growing list of Barefoot Books titles. She is also quite the world traveler – here she is in Tanzania, next to a river full of crocodiles and hippopotami! Read on to learn more about Katie and her work at Barefoot Books!

Over the past couple of weeks, I have watched more television than I have in the past year. I am not a sports enthusiast, but I love London and I admire the kind of dedication, drive and talent that wins gold medals. So I have found it impossible not to delight in the phenomenal successes of Team GB. I have been swept up in a sense of Olympic pride that is steeped in an appreciation of cultural diversity: Jessica Ennis and her Jamaican Dad;  Mo Farah  with his Somalian roots; Laura Bechtolsheimer, German-born but British now. This fusion of national, cultural and ethnic origins has reminded me of the power of place: the extent to which identity is forged by where you are now as much as by where you come from.

What do kings, martyrs, miracles and merriment have anything to do with tonight? Tonight at sundown is the start of the Jewish holiday of Chanukah, the Festival of Lights. Chanukah, which lasts for eight consecutive nights, is a festive celebration that commemorates the rebuilding of the Jewish temple in Jerusalem in the second century BCE. It is a holiday filled with kings, martyrs, miracles, merriment and more (potatoes, oil, and gifts too!).  Read on to discover some fun facts about the holiday, along with some delicious recipes and a fun dreidle game.

Food trucks are becoming one of the hottest trends in dining out here in the States. Many estimates claim there are several thousand food trucks throughout the US, with more than 10 popping up in major cities each week. If you haven’t had a chance to taste for yourself what it’s all about, maybe this interview with Ed Cornelia, owner and operator of the popular Silk Road BBQ truck in Boston, will be all you need to become a food truck-aholic. It did for me! First, a bit of background:

As we prepare for Thanksgiving at our US office in Cambridge, MA we’d like to share some special traditions from Barefooters. How are you celebrating the season? Wishing you and yours a warm and memorable time spent with family, friends, laughter and stories!

We spoke with talented chef and creator of our Kids’ Kitchen Activity Deck (North America | Europe), Fiona Bird, to learn more about her tips for fun in the kitchen and how to get children involved. Read on for our Q & A with Fiona as well as some special recipes from her that will have you yearning for warmer months and summer treats!

Get in the Halloween spirit with these delicious, spooky recipes from the creator of Kids’ Kitchen, Fiona Bird. These simple-to-follow and healthy-to-eat dishes are the perfect treats to serve guests at your Halloween party!