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After a long, cold winter, I’m ready to curl up with some summery reading. I’m sure you are too! So I’m very pleased to introduce you to our latest title for the season, Daddy Island (US|UK).

Daddy Island, originally published by Barefoot Books in 2001, is back in a gorgeous paperback edition due to popular demand from our community. The text invites young ones to pretend their daddy is an island, while they imagine themselves to be a noisy storm, a tall tree, the quiet sand and more. This book is more than a story to share together — it’s an invitation for physical play between parent and child. Children love to pretend to be a crab scuttling across the sand or a bird soaring high above Daddy Island. My family really loves enjoying it all together — I read the text while my husband and daughter act out each scene together. 


South African illustrator Niki Daly brings his signature dreamy style to the watercolor-and-ink artwork. The result is a picture book that is full of movement, life and heart. 


With a beautiful matte finish and sturdy flaps, this paperback edition makes a handsome gift. It’s just right for enjoying together as the days grow warmer and longer — perfect for bringing along to the shore. 


If you’re looking for more books about fathers, you’ll enjoy the grocery store hijinks in Shopping with Dad (US|UK). For more fun family reading, check out My Big Barefoot Book of Words (US|UK). 

We hope you love this beautiful new edition of Daddy Island (US|UK)! Pick up your copy today.

Sometimes it takes times of emptiness to feel the significance of our family most fully. When we must leave behind a piece of ourselves — those people who comfort us most — we come to appreciate them all the more, highlighting and projecting their best selves in our minds. In celebration of Father’s Day, this Sunday, June 17, I would like to take this space to talk about my dad, Marty Lueck — a man who I’m sure the whole Barefoot Books Team can wholeheartedly agree deserves our thanks!

Storytime offers a perfect opportunity for fathers to bond with their children, while helping to develop essential literacy skills and cherished memories that will last a lifetime. As dads and children share stories and books together, they learn much about each other and about their respective views of the world. For the children, this time also opens their eyes to new cultures and ways of thinking. Here are some tips for fathers and male caregivers to make reading time a magical time: