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Photo courtesy of Jennifer Waldon

Adults aren’t the only ones who feel the stress of the busy holiday season. Between parties, entertaining, shopping, wrapping, decorating, hosting visitors, baking, and other festivities that go along with the winter season, it can be exhausting even to think about, never mind take part in!

There are many animals on the farm in A Farmer’s Life for Me, like wooly sheep, clucking hens, a big pig with her piglets and beautiful grazing horses. In this craft you will make your own paper bag horse, inspired by the ones in the story! Be creative with the colours of the mane, add a kerchief to your horse’s neck for some fashionable flare or use a wrapping paper tube to make a homemade riding horse!

Photo by kaylhew

Tell me if this is what happens in other families. Your child comes home from preschool loaded with goodies. There are papers sticking out of her backpack, her nap bag, her pockets and lunchbox. She takes off her backpack, rifles inside and pulls out one, two, three, four, five paintings. “I made these all today! Can we hang them up now?” she exclaims eagerly, obviously expecting a resounding “Yes!” for an answer.

We’re often asked how our books come together, where do the ideas come from and how do we find the authors and artists?