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Across the water meadows from my home in Somerset stands Hog Wood. It’s a haunting and magical place to walk in at any time of year, home to all kinds of wild creatures and to oak, ash, hawthorn, celandine, ferns, brambles. It’s also punctuated by bunkers built in the Second World War to defend the community against an invasion from Germany. And it is a den-builder’s dream, with lots of fallen branches that can be used to construct woodland shelters.

At long last, the builders have laid down their drills and the painters are busy at work. The retail, cafe and studio spaces of our new home in Summertown, north Oxford are being transformed from plasterwork and bare boards to an Aladdin’s cave of colours and contrasts.

Soon after I had started Barefoot Books with Nancy, a manuscript arrived with a cover letter saying ‘Dear Mrs Strickland, have you ever wondered what it is like to go to the dentist, from the point of view of the tooth?’ I did not think that this was a promising theme for a children’s book, so I rejected the manuscript. However, this summer it has returned to haunt me.