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Today, we are excited to share with you part two of our Q & A with Piña and Lisa, our wonderful Concord Studio foreign language instructors. Read on for Piña and Lisa’s tips on raising a bilingual child, and don’t forget to check out last week’s post to discover why learning to understand and speak a foreign language is a great way to gain insight into other cultures and ways of life.

The lights of the shop have been turned down, the chefs have gone home from the cafe, and the office staff have closed their computers. But the day is not over: every Tuesday evening, Jo Kelsey runs a pilates class for adults in our first floor studio. And every other Tuesday, Vic and I run workshops for aspiring illustrators and writers. Here are some photographs from last week’s Tuesday activities, and here are seven tips that came out of the writing workshop:

…a new Studio has opened, and it’s like nothing you have seen before. If you don’t believe me, come along to 294 Banbury Road, Oxford and step inside. Yes, we are finally open for business! The drills have been packed up, the floors have been swept and polished, and the builders have gone.  Instead, every time the door opens, another curious customer comes in, often with a small child or three in tow. Slowly and surely, one day at a time, the word is spreading. We have all kinds of family-friendly activities, from arts and crafts to pyjama-time storytelling – here are a few images from the first week in our new world…