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Spring is upon us! What a perfect season to welcome our latest picture book, Millie’s Chickens (US|UK), into the flock!

The Beeman (US|UK) by Laurie Krebs and Valeria Cis has long been a springtime favorite here at Barefoot, with its engaging combination of lyrical text with in-depth information about beekeeping. So when we started seeing articles a few years ago about the growing popularity of backyard chicken raising, we knew we had the perfect topic for a companion to The Beeman. What could be more Barefoot than following food from the farm (or in this case, the backyard) to the table?


We approached Brenda Williams, author of Lin Yi’s Lantern (US|UK) and The Real Princess (US|UK), who dreamed up a young girl called Millie and the brood of chickens she cares for in her backyard in the suburbs. We love how the story emphasizes personal responsibility by showing Millie’s hard work and the rewards she reaps as a result.



We teamed up with The Beeman‘s Valeria Cis for the illustrations. Her quirky acrylic illustrations are just right for inviting a reader into the story. She did a fantastic job capturing the three chicken breeds we meet in the text and their sweet relationship with Millie. Barefoot super fans might remember this illustration from the beginning of the development of Millie’s Chickens — Valeria created a few different Millies for us to choose from, which we in turn shared with our community for feedback. That’s how Millie became a ginger! 

Budding scientists and animal lovers will especially enjoy the seven pages of facts about chickens and eggs at the end of the book. You can read about chicken breeds, chicken anatomy, and even find recipes for four different egg dishes! 


Be sure to pick up your copy of Millie’s Chickens (US|UK) today!