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Ah . . . there are few things that bring back memories more strongly than smell.  Here are some of my favorites, from the festival of Hanukkah, the Jewish holiday that starts tonight and celebrates the miracle of oil lasting long enough to rebuild the Temple during the 2nd century BCE:

For Jewish people everywhere, Chanukah is a holiday that celebrates miracles and is often enjoyed with festive family celebrations that include the making (and eating!) of delicious potato pancakes called latkes, playing a game of dreidel, and lighting the candles of a menorah.

We loved seeing so many little ones enjoying their Barefoot Books gifts! Thank you to everyone who submitted a photo; they brought us many smiles. Seeing people of all ages enjoying our books inspires us to continue creating more for many generations to come. Take a look below for more photos of children enjoying Barefoot books. If you have a photo to share, please visit our Facebook page and post it on our Wall. We love captions too! Wishing you many happy storytimes through 2012 and beyond.

With the festive season of gift giving coming to an end, the joy and warmth that children experience when they have new books to pour over is just beginning! Here are just a few of our favorite pictures of little ones enjoying Barefoot Books titles they received as gifts. If you have a photo you’d like to share, please send it to and it might be featured on our blog!

What do kings, martyrs, miracles and merriment have anything to do with tonight? Tonight at sundown is the start of the Jewish holiday of Chanukah, the Festival of Lights. Chanukah, which lasts for eight consecutive nights, is a festive celebration that commemorates the rebuilding of the Jewish temple in Jerusalem in the second century BCE. It is a holiday filled with kings, martyrs, miracles, merriment and more (potatoes, oil, and gifts too!).  Read on to discover some fun facts about the holiday, along with some delicious recipes and a fun dreidle game.

I remember the Chanukah when my daughter was three. The markers and stickers and new red dress were enjoyed for a few minutes, but it was the storybook about a pair of mittens that she kept going back to time and time again. She’s nearly ten now and she still loves that story as much as I still love reading it to her. As my daughter revealed, the book lover may grow older, but they never really do grow out of treasured storybooks. Read on to discover eight ways to give books as memorable gifts this season, or anytime of the year.