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Photo courtesy of Bankstreet Bookstore

In a tiny village, in a valley, high in the mountains of Tibet, a little boy was born. He loved to fly kites. On clear nights he liked to look up at the Milky Way and the stars. “There are other worlds up there,” he said to himself. “Someday I’m going to visit them…” So begins the story of The Mountains of Tibet, one of the first books published by Barefoot Books back in 1993.

I am not an attentive follower of daily news, but this past week I sat up and took notice. The election results in Burma, returning Aung San Suu Kyi and 43 members of her National League for Democracy to the Burmese Parliament, made me want to dance in the street. Like many westerners, I have been inspired for decades by the quiet grace and heroism of this exceptional woman. I have also been inspired by the country to which she is committed: it is thirty years to the week since I was lucky enough to visit Burma.