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I had a rare, rewarding experience this year – a moment when all the various strands of my life seemed to align, offering a glimmer of validation for my role as a parent and for my work at Barefoot. In that moment, I was able to put all of the complexities of my life in refreshingly simple perspective. In August, I embarked on an unforgettable adventure with my eldest daughter Meaghan to create a children’s library in Sebikotane, a small village in Senegal in West Africa.

Today we’re happy to introduce Roxana Soto, one of the founders of SpanglishBaby,, one of our favorite sites for parents raising bilingual and bicultural children.  Roxana just came out with her first book, Bilingual Is Better, written with SpanglishBaby co-founder Ana Flores. The book highlights the power of the Latino community and what it means to be fully American and still embrace a Latino heritage. We’re very excited to share this conversation with Roxana!

Meet Nicola – a mom of 3, soon to be 4, and a Barefoot Books Ambassador! Read on to get her full story.

Meet Jennifer – a new-to-the-team Barefoot Books Ambassador! Read on to get her full story.

Meet Hilary – a translator and former teacher who is now a Barefoot Books Ambassador! Read on to get her full story.

Today, we are excited to share with you part two of our Q & A with Piña and Lisa, our wonderful Concord Studio foreign language instructors. Read on for Piña and Lisa’s tips on raising a bilingual child, and don’t forget to check out last week’s post to discover why learning to understand and speak a foreign language is a great way to gain insight into other cultures and ways of life.

Our book, Lola’s Fandango, has been generating all sorts of buzz lately, including a coveted starred review from Booklist! It tells a tale of classic sibling rivalry—so who could bring the characters to life better than a real family? Check out our video interview with Rosi, Brian, Alisa and Sonia Amador, the talents behind the voices of Mami, Papi, Clementina and Lola, and learn what it’s like to be a voice actor and how the Amadors are like Lola’s family. Be sure to read on for a Q & A with Rosi and Brian* for more behind-the-scenes details about the narration!

Today is UNESCO’s International Literacy Day! We spoke with Stephanie Meade, founder and CEO of InCulture Parent, an online magazine for parents of young global citizens, to learn about the ways books can literally open up a whole new world for children. Please read on for our Q & A with Stephanie, and learn all about how she uses books to teach her daughters about their multicultural heritage, her tips for raising bilingual children and more!

Today we are pleased to have guest author Piña Madera from Sing-a-Lingo share ways families can use stories and song to help children’s budding language skills grow and grow and grow.