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A few weeks ago we announced the Little Angel Theatre’s production of The Tear Thief in London. This live-staging of Carol Ann Duffy’s book uses exquisite wooden puppets designed by Jan Zalud. These carefully crafted marionettes are based on Nicoletta Ceccoli’s dreamy illustrations and bring the characters to life onstage. The show opened with some very positive reviews.

Fans of our Barefoot bear will know that he is now officially ten years old. His latest adventure, Bear’s Birthday, came into the world in June. He had to wait a little while, though, for his birthday to be properly celebrated. Here he is at the Bath Festival of Children’s Literature, where 22 small children came along with their very own bears to help him celebrate.

After ten years on the top floor of the Ice House, at 124 Walcot St, Barefoot Books UK is on the move: we‘re off to Oxford, to a beautiful building on the Banbury Road. But we’re not there yet: in Oxford, the builders are still busy at work, getting our new office shipshape.