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Have you ever considered becoming a parent-blogger? The Barefoot Books Studio in Concord recently had the pleasure of hosting a blogger networking night co-organized by Raising a Reader MA and Boston Parent Bloggers, and Barbara Meltz, one of the original parenting bloggers and a writer for the Boston Globe for over twenty years, was the guest speaker. Barbara was full of helpful tips, advice and insights for fellow parent-bloggers, and we were inspired to share with you an interview on her top parenting tips. Read on to learn more!

This week was a milestone for our Oxford Studio, as we heard the exciting news that the Storytellers’ Cafe has won Junior Magazine’s Design Award for the best family restaurant in England. Hurrah! This photograph shows you the men behind the menu: Vladimir and Jose Niza are brothers and between them they create the dishes that we serve in our cafe. If you happen to be at large in north Oxford, why not stop by and sample some of our offerings? We have fresh fruit smoothies, tasty soups and sandwiches, delicious fish cakes, flavoursome omelettes… I could go on, and I haven’t even mentioned the carrot cake, or the capuccinos, artfully adorned by our barista, Alexandra.