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Last week, I went to a neuroscience-meets-psychology seminar in London about infant-parent relationships. It was delightful to be reminded how even the smallest babies are ready and eager to engage with the adults in their world and to tune into what is being shared with them. In the wake of this experience, I was very happy earlier this week to read the news from the American Association of Pediatrics that it will now be a requirement for health professionals to give guidance to young parents of the value of reading to their new babies.


This post celebrates the safe arrival into the world on Thursday 27 September of Seth and Jasper. These twin baby boys are the first grandchildren of Kathryn White, creator of our imaginative young heroine Ruby (as in Ruby’s School Walk and Ruby’s Sleepover), so I like to think I can appropriate them as Barefoot Babies.

Today, we are excited to share with you a Q & A with Clare Beaton, illustrator of our two new board books, Clare Beaton’s Bedtime Rhymes and Clare Beaton’s Farmyard Rhymes. Clare has created over twenty books with us, and is internationally recognised for her distinctive fabric collages. Read on to learn more about Clare, how she makes her gorgeous illustrations and which rhyme collection themes she would like to work on next!

With millions of babies born each winter, we thought now was a perfect time to introduce you to our friends at Isis Parenting, the pros for expecting and new parents. We’re delighted to have Marena Burnett* from Isis here to share her tips for parents to beat the baby blues this winter and get out of the house, baby in tow.

Having been a book-lover since childhood, I ensured that books were a part of my children’s world right from the start. Babies love books. From as early as a few months old, your baby will be ready to sit on your lap and enjoy simple pictures and stories with you. These are some of the ways I make the experience fun:

Did you know that this week is International Babywearing Week? We spoke with Jessica Mailman, the President of Boston Babywearers, a non-profit educational group that teaches parents and caregivers the joys of wearing their children and often holds events at our Concord Studio, to learn more about the hot new trend of babywearing. Read on for Jessica’s thoughts on the benefits of babywearing, tips for babywearing dads and more!