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2013 was an action-packed year for us at Barefoot Books. Here are some media highlights:

Next month, our Barefoot World Atlas app turns one year old. What a year it has been! The app has received phenomenal acclaim from children, adults, and mainstream media alike. It’s now available in English, Spanish, Catalan and French with more languages available soon. We have won a whole passel of awards and recognition, including Time Magazine’s Top 25 Apps for Kids, Apple® Editor’s Choice, and even Apple® App of the Week. Wired calls it “tactile, responsive, immersive, and educational.” And we couldn’t agree more!

Today as I was reflecting on the success of the Barefoot World Atlas app, I realized that the book that started it all, the Barefoot Books World Atlas has been out for over a year. Happy birthday, BBWA! I always love noticing little mistakes in movies and catching typos in everyday life, so I’d like to celebrate the atlas’s birthday by sharing some of my favorite editorial mishaps that almost made it into the published book.

… where the sun shone and the blossom blossomed and we had five days in which to turn twelve square metres into a Barefoot showcase, swap ideas, show new projects to our fellow publishers from the four corners of the world and hear their news too. Meetings, meetings, meetings!

Today, we are delighted to share some very exciting news with you: our Barefoot World Atlas app for iPad has officially launched and been named Apple’s App of the Week in the US and UK! Many members of the Barefoot Books team have worked tirelessly for months on this groundbreaking project—and their hard work has definitely paid off. Created in collaboration with Touch Press, developers of six previous Apps of the Week, the Barefoot World Atlas app is an interactive globe that enables children to explore the many wonders of planet Earth. Check out Touch Press’s video featuring Nick Crane, author of the Barefoot Books World Atlas and narrator of the app, and read on to learn the Barefoot Books App Team’s favorite elements of this wonderful new chapter in our story!

The editorial team is in a special place called appland. We are immersed in preparing our atlas app, which builds on the many facts and features of the print atlas with all kinds of new and extraordinary snippets of information and wonderful ways of exploring the planet in 3D.

Kathy (L) holding her Media Specialist of the Year award

Wow, what a fantastic response to our Global Giveaway contest! Each day we were thrilled to welcome hundreds of new folks to our community via our Facebook page. It was so much fun to see where people were from, as close as Cambridge, MA and Oxford UK and as far away as Slovenia and Hawaii. Congratulations to all of our 23 Daily Winners and our Grand Prize Winner, Kathy Schmidt. Read on to learn more about Kathy, how she plans to use her prizes and more!

This past Saturday, we hosted the grand launch party of the new Barefoot Books World Atlas at our Oxford Studio. Author and explorer Nick Crane was there to share stories from his many travels, sign books and let some very lucky kids try on his hat collection from countries around the world. And on top of all that, there was a very special and delicious Barefoot Books World Atlas cake! For those of you who weren’t able to be there, here’s a look at the festivities!

To celebrate our new Barefoot Books World Atlas we held a World’s Fair at our Concord Studio. There was belly dancing with Shimmy Express, African dancing and drumming with local talents, Andean dancing, a performance by Omar Clavijo of the renowned Andean band Inca Son and story times led by Ukranian, Namibian and Mexican volunteers from Au Pair in America. For those of you who weren’t able to be there, here’s a look at the festivities!

When you’re working on a project with—literally— the scope of the world, it’s bound to be a big one. Today we are delighted to share with you the official debut of the Barefoot Books World Atlas, an interactive, multi-layered project that makes the world fascinating and accessible for young explorers. We shared a preview of the Atlas over the summer, but now we’ve “got the whole world in our hands!” Read on to learn about a special promotion we are offering to celebrate this new Barefoot Books title!