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Keep the excitement for the new school year going with our new Here We Go Round the Mulberry Bush animated video! This wonderful addition to our collection of animated singalongs follows the morning routines of four children from different countries—India, England, Mali and China—as they get ready for school.

Thank you all for the enthusiastic response to our recent Over in the Meadow video. We were so inspired by your comments that we thought we’d keep the fun going, so today we’re excited to share with you the latest video in our collection. Treat yourself and the young music-lovers in your life to a round-the-world flyaway adventure and let us know what you think in the comments below.

To celebrate the release of our brand-new Over in the Meadow book with audio and video animation, we thought this would be a good moment to pay a visit the Barefoot editorial world and find out from the content development team just how books come to animated life. Bribed with Bourbon biscuits (try it—they’ll do anything) they caved in and gave up their top 5 tips for creating a singalong animation: