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On 10 February, Chinese New Year celebrations began across the world. This year, we welcome the Year of the Snake. The fifteenth and final day of the celebration is commemorated with the YUAN XIAO JIE, or the Festival of Lanterns. Children and adults carry lanterns in a parade during a full moon. Learn how to make your own lantern to light up the sky on the final day of Chinese New Year celebrations, 25 February!

The summer months offer a perfect opportunity to put extra doses of fun into reading—especially for kids. Here are five simple ways to make reading fun for this summer:

The Summer Olympics, with the athletes’ dramatic personal stories, unbelievable athletic prowess and excitement about thousands of people from hundreds of countries unified through sport, inspire children’s imaginations like no other global event. But the Olympics aren’t just about watching amazing athletes and rooting for your favorites. It’s also a great opportunity to turn children onto world culture and geography.

Get in the Halloween spirit with these delicious, spooky recipes from the creator of Kids’ Kitchen, Fiona Bird. These simple-to-follow and healthy-to-eat dishes are the perfect treats to serve guests at your Halloween party!

If you had been in Oxford this weekend, you may have wended your way to our Grand Opening. The character waiting for you outside the studio was none other than the Terrible Chenoo from our new series Monster Stories; he was VERY hungry. Beyond him you will have found entertainers of every kind:

Autumn is upon us—and with it comes a rich bounty of seasonal foods to enjoy! We asked Maureen Karb*, our North American Sales Manager and go-to expert on all things harvest-related, to share a little more about the agricultural history of the season and her ideas for fun autumn activities children will love. In her words

When Jenika Kaul, author of the blog Whirls and Twirls Around the World, told us that Barefoot Books have inspired her to create a number of crafts and cooking projects with her daughter, we knew we had to learn more. We asked Jenika to share with us what she loves about Barefoot Books and some of the ways she has brought our books come to life. In her words…