Celebrate Earth Day 2015 with us – and your children – on April 22nd!

We only get one planet and it’s important to us that we treat Earth with the respect and care it deserves. We practice environmentally and socially conscious business and printing practices to personally reduce our footprint on the environment and we’ve found that practicing sustainability as a company promotes practicing sustainability individually.

The same can be true for your family! We create books that promote a culture of sustainability, green living, and a consciousness of our impact on the environment. It’s important to teach kids how they can help the planet – and these books can help. Here are our suggestions for some of our top books to share with your little ones on this important day:

Whole World

This book, accompanied by a sing along CD, reimagines the classic children’s song “He’s Got the Whole World in His Hands” and contextualizes it for a modern, global audience. After reading this book, your children will feel inspired knowing that all people from all walks of life across the globe care for the environment together. We believe that it’s important to show that all cultures and people are equally invested in protecting the environment. (Buy: North America / Europe)

What’s This? A Seed’s Story

What’s more poignant than a young girl stumbling upon a seed, helping it grow throughout all of spring, and then sharing the seeds with her classmates so they can all plant sunflowers together the following spring? What’s This? will teach the values of patience and generosity just in time for children to start planting their own flowers! (Buy: North America / Europe)

The Barefoot Book of Earth Tales

To inspire children to care about the environment, it’s incredibly important to introduce them to Earth as a friend. As with any friendships, telling stories is how friendships grow. Earth Tales introduces children to many different myths and legends surrounding the creation of Earth and why things are the way they are. From Wales to Kazakhstan, many cultures are featured in this wonderful anthology of stories.
(Buy: North America / Europe)

Want to take your education a bit further? Consider doing one of these activities afterwards:

1. Skip the drive and instead walk to school, the grocery store, or the park

2. Have your child identify the recycling symbol on containers in your home and make a game out of putting them in your recycling bin

3. Plant a seed and watch as it grows – soon you’ll be able to plant it in the ground outside

4. Make signs to remind family members to turn off lights or the faucet when not in use

No matter how you choose to celebrate, teaching kids about Earth Day will be fun, educational, and a chance to make an impact on our planet. Show us how you are celebrating! Share your photos with us on our Barefoot Books Facebook page!

2 April, 2015 is International Children’s Book Day! Usually around Hans Christian Andersen’s birthday, International Children’s Book Day celebrates children’s books to inspire a love of reading and also to call attention to the power of children’s storytelling. It’s no surprise that Hans Christian Andersen, the author of many fairy tales that’ve been adapted and transformed into modern children’s stories, gets the spotlight on this day.

Fairy tales have always had a special place in children’s literature. As critically acclaimed author Neil Gaiman said, “Fairy tales are more than true: not because they tell us that dragons exist, but because they tell us that dragons can be beaten.” These stories—whether it’s Cinderella or Hansel and Gretel—tell children that it’s okay to be who they are and that, in the end, everything will be okay. These stories have the unique ability to deeply inspire those who read them, which is why they’ve been adapted countless times as books, plays, and movies. Their messages are timeless and are always relevant when introduced to the next generation of children.

Barefoot is so dedicated to this that we have an entire book of fairy tales collected in The Barefoot Book of Fairy Tales (NA/EU). We believe in the power of sharing fairy tales from all across the world to introduce our young readers to other cultures and experiences. We’ve collected tales from Germany, France, Ukraine, China, and more to highlight the most poignant stories we could find.

Share Your Favorite Fairy Tale

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Help Us Spread The Word

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We can’t believe the New Year is already upon us!  In the frenzy leading up to the holidays, time seems to go faster than ever, and it’s important to remember and savor every moment.  Now that the holidays are over, it’s time to take a deep breath and ponder – what’s next? What will make 2015 a great year for you, and for your family?  Wouldn’t it be wonderful to positively impact your community as well?

If these sound  like your aspirations for 2015, you should explore our Ambassador Opportunity.  Our Ambassadors are a community of moms, dads, grandparents, teachers and librarians; anyone who is passionate about running a business, sharing beautiful books with their communities and making a difference in the lives of children globally.

Added bonuses? You can earn significant income and have a great time doing it!  What’s more, for a limited time, our starter kit is only $99/£64! That’s $300/£200 worth of gorgeous books and gifts and business tools to launch your business.

Here is what one of our North American Ambassadors, Sharon NDiaye, has to say about the program,

“The book We All Went on Safari began my love of Barefoot Books, and the bilingual books! Now, a year later, I am a leader in this amazing company. Through my example, my daughter embraces business and promoting literacy!

There are so many ways to run a Barefoot business, so be sure to check out the opportunity, and be in touch with us if you would like to learn more.  For a more interactive experience,  join a live call to hear about the program. There is no better time of year to reset and refocus, and try something new!