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Stories shape the way we see the world. Great stories allow us to relate to one another, nurturing our social experience and fostering kindness within ourselves. That’s the magic of storytelling! Here at Barefoot Books, we’re all about storytelling. We want to teach kids to learn how to tell great stories, too.

Perhaps you’ve heard of story cards. They’re cards that have illustrations and no words on them designed to help kids learn storytelling and writing skills. We knew we wanted to create some of our own because they are such a great fit for our product line. We started by kid-testing some existing story cards created by other companies. The cards were great in most ways, but we found that kids were having a really hard time creating stories that made sense. So we thought, “How can we improve on this when we make our own deck of story cards?”

That’s how our Magical Castle: Build-a-Story Cards deck was born! We asked illustrator Miriam Latimer (you’ve seen her artwork in our beloved Ruby series) to create this magical world full of potions and dragons and unicorns and castles. We divided the cards into three categories: red cards that depict characters, blue cards that depict objects, and yellow cards that depict settings.

Barefoot Books | Magical Castle Build-a-Story Cards | Cards

With the cards divided into these categories, kids can create stories that have more of a structure. We also created an instruction booklet chock full of activities that show kids that when you play with these different story elements, you can create fun and interesting stories that actually make sense.

At Barefoot Books, we always like to have multiple layers of learning in our products. That’s why we included a social-emotional element to our Magical Castle: Build-a-Story Cards with character pairs that have easy-to-identify emotions. In the instruction booklet, we ask them to create stories involving friendship and conflict resolution. There’s so much in this one little deck! Kids will be learning about story structure, writing, and developing social-emotional skills. Want to engage the kids in your life in imaginative storytelling? Get your own copy of Magical Castle: Build-a-Story Cards now!

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