Barefoot Ambassador Success Stories: Allison Diehl | Barefoot Books

What does success mean to you? Whether it’s paying off student loans or winning a trip overseas, spending more time with family or inspiring your students to love learning, our Barefoot Ambassadors pursue their own definitions of success every day. And so can you!

Barefoot Ambassador Success Stories: Allison Diehl | Barefoot Books

Don’t believe us? Meet Allison Diehl: mom, wife, archaeologist and Barefoot Ambassador! Throughout her Ambassador journey, Allison has continually turned her detailed mind to making her business a success. In 2005, she researched the book world thoroughly before joining the program; ten years later, all her hard work paid off with the ultimate prize: a trip to France! Financially, the rewards have been fabulous: “My Barefoot income has enabled me to finance several family vacations, cover unexpected medical expenses and repair bills and replace our family computer,” Allison says. “I have also been able to cut back from working 40 hours a week at my paycheck job to 30.”

Barefoot Ambassador Success Stories: Allison Diehl | Barefoot Books

Allison enjoys a drink during the Ambassador trip to France!

But business success alone far from encapsulates all Allison has achieved since 2005. “My journey as an Ambassador [has] brought me out of my shell,” Allison says. “As an introvert, I had always preferred working alone, but this endeavor has helped me find joy in working with others. I am now much more comfortable with talking to others.”

She’s not just comfortable: she’s powerful! Allison’s knack for helping others see the positive side of business challenges—and courageous abandonment of her cozy, quiet shell—has enabled her to grow her team, the Barefoot Business Builders, into a dynamic force that stretches across North America.

Barefoot Ambassador Success Stories: Allison Diehl | Barefoot Books

Allison meets Mama Panya's Pancakes authors Mary and Richard Chamberlain at the Tuscon Festival of Books!

“Through Barefoot Books, I’ve met so many other people who share my passion for stories and literacy,” Allison says. By developing new resources, helping fellow Ambassadors set goals and mentoring teammates one-on-one, Allison has not only found a like-minded community: she’s made it grow! “Of all I’ve accomplished as an Ambassador,” Allison says, “I’m most proud of helping others succeed in their own Barefoot business ventures.”

And we are SO proud of her! When we empower people like Allison to drive the change they want to see in their lives and communities, we’ve achieved our definition of success!

So whether you’re looking to gain new business skills or learn about children’s literacy, to meet like-minded people or update your school’s library with multicultural books, you’ll find the support you need to succeed with Barefoot Books.

Ready to get started? Start your Ambassador journey now to take advantage of our $99 Starter Kit sale (save $40!) and to register for our Ambassador workshops, coming to a city near you! We can’t wait to see what YOU might achieve!


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