Five Reasons to Become a Barefoot Books Ambassador in January | Barefoot BooksAs we roll into 2016, are you looking for a new opportunity to learn and grow? To meet new friends with common interests…and perhaps travel with them to France? To make a big impact on the children and families in your community…and beyond? If so, you’re in the right place!

Flexible and fun, with no minimums or hidden fees, the Barefoot Books Ambassador Program empowers you to run your business your way, to pursue your own goals–and get great discounts on the books you love!

This January just might be the BEST time yet to start your Barefoot journey! Here’s why:

Five Reasons to Become a Barefoot Books Ambassador this January | Barefoot Books

Good friends + gorgeous books = a great Barefoot event!

  1. Join before January 31st to get $50 Barefoot Bucks! Barefoot Bucks work like Host rewards, giving you $50 off whatever product you like. That means you get more beautiful, multicultural books for less money! When you join, you also receive amazing business tools, resources, support and training for FREE!

  2. Double Host rewards: If you’re worried that you’ll have trouble convincing people to book events after the holiday season, don’t be! In this cooooooooold month, everyone is looking for ways to stave off the cabin fever. You’ll have plenty of eager hosts chomping at the bit to hold Barefoot Books events at their homes–especially with our special Double Host rewards! Such a can’t miss Host special makes it all the easier for you to land bookings right away and get your business off to a great start.

    Five Reasons to Become a Barefoot Books Ambassador this January | Barefoot Books

    Help families keep their reading resolutions in 2016!

  3. Reading Resolutions: This January, we’re challenging families to set–or restart–reading resolutions! As an Ambassador, you can use our buy 3, get 4th free consumer offer to enable families get more books for less cash. Our Children’s Literacy Workshop party theme pairs perfectly with this offer–and with everyone’s natural desire to help the children in their life grow and thrive in the new year.

  4. Speaking of resolutions…what about yours? You can use the Ambassador program specifically to help you achieve the personal growth YOU want to see in your life. If you long to conquer a new challenge or gain recognition for your skills; to step outside your comfort zone or inspire others to do so; or to pay for a family vacation or pay off student debt, our supportive Ambassador community and expert training will equip you to reach YOUR goals.

    Five Reasons to Become a Barefoot Books Ambassador this January | Barefoot Books

    How far will YOU fly in 2016?

  5. Lastly, and most importantly, becoming an Ambassador is a decision you can feel great about. When you become an Ambassador, you join a community passionate about sharing stories, connecting families and inspiring children. You share beautiful, educational and inclusive books and products with your community; and in doing so, nurture a love of storytelling, creativity and diversity that empowers children to see the world in a whole new light.

Are you ready to begin your Barefoot journey? We at Home Office are so excited to see what 2016 will bring–and can’t wait to see what YOU achieve!



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