Barefoot Books Removes Minimum Sales ThresholdIn a bold move, children’s publisher Barefoot Books announced this month that it is removing the minimum sales threshold for its Ambassadors, making it easier than ever for passionate individuals to start their own business through Barefoot’s direct-selling opportunity.

With the Ambassador community growing quickly, President Jessica Kim says, “We know that every person joins Barefoot Books with their own personal goal and time commitment in mind. We’re excited about this change, as it will enable us to offer this exciting opportunity to more people, including those who simply love children’s books and want to share stories in their spare time.”

In the past, Ambassadors were required to maintain a minimum of $500 in sales every 6 months to remain active. Now, Barefoot Books is removing this requirement, while still offering one of the industry’s most generous compensation plans.

“The Barefoot Books Ambassador program is a wonderful opportunity to earn income in a way that fits your family needs and lifestyle,” says Barefoot Books CEO and Co-founder Nancy Traversy. “Ambassadors have the flexibility and freedom to run their business in their own way without any sales minimums or hidden fees.”

Thanks to this increased flexibility, teachers and students can earn extra cash over the summer; budding entrepreneurs can grow their businesses and enjoy a supportive, like-minded community; and parents and literacy advocates can earn free copies of beautiful, multicultural books. Whatever your goal is, now is the perfect time to join Barefoot Books.

Reactivation Rules Apply.

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