Eat Your Vegetables! Using Books to Help Raise Healthy Kids

We know that parents and caregivers pay attention to providing good nutrition for their children. Raising kids with an appreciation for vegetables can can give their health, and their appreciation for the earth, an advantage. Whether you are trying to encourage your children to eat more vegetables in general or have a child who prefers a vegetarian diet, you’ll find many helpful stories and kid-friendly recipes in our collection to help raise healthy and compassionate kids.

Eat your vegetables! Books to Use to Raise Healthy KidsHerb the Vegetarian Dragon

All the dragons in the forest of Nogard like nothing better than raiding Castle Dark and carrying off princesses to eat – all the dragons, that is, except one. Herb is at his happiest tending his vegetable patch, for Herb is a vegetarian. So it is unfortunate that he is the one captured by the castle’s knights in armor. Treacherous Meathook and his dragon cronies will only help Herb if he agrees to eat meat – will he give in to their blackmail. Jules Bass’s lighthearted story combines with Debbie Harter’s jaunty illustrations to make this a hilarious picture book that also offers young readers plenty of food for thought.

Ages 5 to 7 years

Eat Your Vegetables! Using Books to Help Raise Healthy KidsThe Gigantic Turnip

Find out what happens when the old woman, the old man, and all twenty-one animals on the farm try to harvest a rather large root vegetable. This well-loved Russian tale uses humor, counting and repetition to appeal to beginner readers. Book with CD editions include story read by Ellen Verenieks.

Ages 3 to 7 years

Eat Your Vegetables! Using Books to Help Raise Healthy KidsWhat’s This? A Seed’s Story

Learn the basics of how plants grow in this springtime story. When a young girl plants a seed, she learns she must be patient to achieve results. She is rewarded by a beautiful sunflower, and brings her flower to school to share the seeds with her entire class. Includes notes about roots, shoots, flowers and

Ages 3 to 7 years

Eat Your Vegetables! Using Books to Help Raise Healthy KidsKids’ Kitchen

Encourage budding chefs to create tasty meals with 40 laminated recipe cards that feature nutritious vegetarian dishes from around the world. Unique recipes ranging from the familiar to the exotic are divided into five color-coded categories to reflect the major food groups. Simple step-by-step instructions put kids in control as they learn that cooking is more than an art — it’s a science! Includes 8-page booklet with information on nutrition, kitchen safety and terminology.

For all ages

No matter which stories you choose to share, remember: If you’re reaching for lots of vegetables, your kids will likely take them too.

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