Do Something Grand for Grandparents: Unique Gift Ideas for KidsTo celebrate Grandparent’s Day on September 13, we asked our community for inspiration and ideas for gifts that kids can create or do for grandparents.

We hope you enjoy this fantastic advice from the Barefoot community!

A Fun Take on Flowers:
Team Leader Tiffany says, “It’s always a nice gesture to receive flowers, but given that children love to craft – how about they craft some flowers using tissue paper, glitter, felt, pipe sticks, etc. This way, the grandparents get to keep them all year long!”

An Actual Family Tree:
Work with your child to craft a tree – an actual family tree! This could be great for older kids who can write names and so forth and stick them on the branches. If you want to go 3-D, use family photos on each brand instead.

Musical Memories:
Put together a playlist with songs from their grandparents school years and have a dance party with them. This gift is one that continues to give as kids can dance to this soundtrack all year long when visiting grandparents.

Lasting Communications:
Consider starting a pen pal relationship between grandparent and child, even if they are close by. Snail mail is fun for all ages. Have children write about what they did that day and ask how grandparents used to spend their day. Ambassador Lisa says, “My kids do it with their great grandmother and both sides love it!”

Send a Hug:
Too far away to see each other? Trace a drawing of your kiddos with arms spread wide onto butcher or rolled paper. Have them decorate with a cute message and mail so that grandparents can have a “hug” whenever needed.

Fun in Video Form:
Kids can create a skit or sing a song for their grandparents and send the video. Or, if you have an early reader, Team Leader Dena suggests having them read a book on video about grandparents and send to share.

What advice do you have for celebrating grandparents?
Please share your ideas in the comments!

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Give the gift of time together: Include the puzzle for more quality time between child and grandparent!

Grandpa's Garden | Barefoot BooksGrandpa’s Garden
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