. . . and all through the house, little feet scurried, quick as a mouse! What were they searching for at so late an hour? A book, of course! A book to share together.

It’s no secret we’re big fans of storytime, but with the holidays fast approaching, we’re especially excited for the storytimes the holidays bring. Many of us here at Barefoot Books have special holiday traditions centered around the sharing of books, not unlike the popular tradition of reading The Night Before Christmas on Christmas Eve. Here are just a few of the storytimes we’ll be enjoying this season, and we hope they inspire you to start your own!

  • Cailin’s Huggable Storytime: One sweet memory I have from childhood is how every time my brother and I snuggled up to our mom to read Love You Forever by Robert Munsch, she couldn’t get through it without crying! My brother and I were fascinated by that — why would the thought of us growing up make her sad? We couldn’t wait to grow up! The storytime sessions always ended with lots of hugs — anything to cheer up my adorable, warm-hearted mother — and we’d hug and kiss until we were all laughing again.
  • Stefanie’s Eight Nights of Stories: When I was growing up, my dad would read a wonderful collection of Hanukkah stories to my brother and me at bedtime on the nights of Hanukkah. The book is called The Power of Light: Eight Stories for Hanukkah, and it’s written by the famous rabbi and author (and Nobel Prize winner), Isaac Bashevis Singer. I still have the book and still take it out at Hanukkah to read some of the stories.
  • Debbie’s Christmas Box: I have a box of Christmas books that I put away each year with the decorations and get out again the following year. My boys are now ten and twelve, and it’s always a surprise to see how the books look so much ‘younger’ each year, reminding us of happy Christmases past. One of our favourites is Mary Murphy’s Little Owl and the Star, with its colourful illustrations that simply burst with sparkle and joy. As the curious Little Owl follows the star, he quietly watches the nativity story unfolding . . . and when the baby in the manger smiles at him, the  ‘waiting feeling’ he has inside goes away — a lovely image that everyone who’s ever found their spiritual home, wherever that might be — can relate to.
  • Cordie’s Santa: For the past several years my boyfriend Tyler has acted as our Global Santa at the Concord Studio. Each year he spends a day pulling everything together — his fur trimmed boots, white gloves, big red cape — and he practices reading aloud the story he’s chosen to read for the children that year. His favorite so far has been We All Went on Safari by Laurie Krebs; the kids loved counting along with him!

Create your own special memories this year and give the gift of time together with books from our Holiday Gift Guide!

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