Winter is truly here and with windy, stormy nights afoot, storytimes are cosier than ever! Get into the spirit of fireside time together with these five classic Barefoot titles:




1. Babushka: This Russian Christmas story speaks to a phenomenon we’re all too familiar with these days. As Babushka hurry-hurry-hurries, focusing on the little things, she almost misses the miraculous events going on all around her! Don’t make the same mistake! Take time out of your day to teach this valuable lesson to your children. (Buy: North America / Europe)

2. The Story Tree: This multicultural story anthology has a tale for every member of your family, from cheeky monkeys for your toddler to wise hens for the parents. The painted illustrations add extra warmth to the tales, and young and old eyes alike will delight at the colourful pages. (Buy: North America / Europe)

3. Listen, Listen: What’s that sound? It’s the seasons passing round! This rhyming book is a delight to read at any age, and the beautiful illustrations of the changing seasons will put you in the mood for a winter wonderland. (Buy: North America / Europe)

4. The Barefoot Book of Fairy Tales: What better time of year to revisit the classics? Share the tales that you loved as a child with this refreshed collection that includes tales like Hansel and Gretel and Rumpelstiltskin. (Buy: North America / Europe)

5. The Animal Boogie: After getting your fill of storytime classics, shake things up with this bestselling singalong. The playful animals will have you dancing in no time, and the accompanying CD, which includes a video animation and an audio singalong, gives you so many ways to experience this gem. (Buy: North America / Europe)

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