Looking for a fun way to celebrate National Talk Like a Pirate Day that doesn’t involve walking the plank? Give our Pirate Puzzle Scavenger Hunt a try! Read on me hearties…

What You’ll Need

  • 1 disassembled Port Side Pirates! Puzzle (Buy NA / Buy UK)
  • 1 canvas pouch or pillow case
  • 3 clue envelopes

What To Do

  1. Prepare your “clue” envelopes. Draw a BED on one envelope, a COUCH on the second, and a TABLE on the third.
  2. Place 1 PUZZLE piece in each CLUE ENVELOPE. Then put the remaining disassembled puzzle pieces into your canvas pouch. This is the “treasure”!
  3. Set up the hunt! Find a bed in your home. Hide the “treasure” (the pouch with the remaining puzzle pieces) at this location.
  4. Find a couch in your home. Hide the BED CLUE ENVELOPE here.
  5. Find a table in your home. Hide the COUCH CLUE ENVELOPE here.
  6. Find a bathtub in your home. Hide the TABLE CLUE ENVELOPE here.
  7. All the clues are now hidden! It’s time to start the hunt!┬áTell your “hunters” that their first clue is located near a bathtub. Once they find it, they should follow the picture clues until they find the puzzle treasure. Then they can assemble the puzzle together!

You can play this game over and over by shuffling the order of the clues, and you can draw as many new clues as you’d like. Now that’s a clever way to put together a puzzle!


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