Although there’s never a bad time to host a Barefoot Party, summer is a particularly great time to gather your family and friends for a fabulous few hours of stories, crafts and fun. So we talked to hosting extraordinaire Ambassador Dena Davis to learn about what makes hosting a Barefoot Party so unique. Working out of Maine, Dena has been with Barefoot Books for almost seven years and as one of our Turquoise Leaders works with and inspiring entrepreneurial women all over the country. Take it away, Dena!

What is your favourite part of hosting Barefoot Parties?

  • I love so many things about Barefoot parties, honestly! I love collaborating with my party hosts and creating the type of event that fits their family’s needs. I’ve had super creative hosts who’ve wanted to plan every detail, to hosts who prefer an open house-style event. I love working with children, and watching their enthusiasm as we sing and dance to the singalongs. I also love being the one to introduce parents and grandparents to the best-kept-secret in children’s books.

Where do you host your parties and who do you host them with?

  • I either host parties in my own home or at a host’s home, both inside and outside. Some parties have children present and others don’t.

What’s one particular party moment you LOVE to share? Hopefully it’s not a party foul!

  • One party moment that stands out is an Animal Boogie party at a friend’s house. She went crazy creating the cutest snacks and binoculars for her guests, and her mom dressed up in safari gear and led all sorts of songs. Another favourite party memory was a party hosted by a little girl (and her mom) who invited everyone to come in pjs and bring their sleeping bags. They had tea and cookies, and then listened to the anthologies on CD while the moms gathered in the basement to learn about Barefoot and shop.

What makes a Barefoot Party different from other home parties?

  • There is so much room for creativity. If the host wants to include her children, we can do that. If she wants it to be just for other moms, we can accommodate. If she wants to discuss parenting issues such as raising compassionate children, we can go deep with our Open Hearts & Minds party theme, or we can keep it light with Fairy Tales & Cocktails. I love all the possibilities!

What is your advice for individuals considering a Barefoot Party?

  • My advice is to have a plan but be flexible, especially if it’s a party with children. Don’t feel you have to know everything about Barefoot or every book. It’s okay to say, “I don’t know, but I can find out.” Be sure to listen; avoid talking too much! Most importantly, be yourself and have fun!

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