Our best selling illustrator, Clare Beaton, was kind enough to create an activity just for us. It is such a treat to see her hand-drawn instructions!

In this craft, you will create your own sparkly seahorse inspired by her illustrations in Secret Seahorse. Experiment with bright colours and quirky beads for a unique under-the-sea ornament!

What to find:

  • Brightly colored felt
  • 8″ or 20cm wool or ribbon
  • Sequins and buttons
  • Tracing paper or vellum
  • Scissors
  • Pins and glue

What to do:

1. Download the instructions with the seahorse template: USUK. Trace the seahorse outline found on the second page onto the tracing paper.





2. Adult helper job: pin the paper onto the felt and cut through both layers along the outline. Unpin and repeat with a different colour if you’d like!




3. Glue the two seahorses together, first placing the ends of the ribbon in between the layers at the top of the seahorse. Tip: For fine motor practice, sew the seahorses together instead. Punch evenly spaced holes around the edges and sew together with lacing thread.



4. Decorate both sides with sequins and buttons, and hang it up once the glue has dried!


Download the PDF: USUK
Buy the Book: US shoppersUK shoppers

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