2013 was an action-packed year for us at Barefoot Books. Here are some media highlights:

In  March, The New York Times featured a review of The Girl With a Brave Heart by Rita Jahanforuz. Children’s Book Editor Pamela Paul wrote that, “the book is a heartwarming vindication of good-heartedness.”  In the same month, Rita and her band performed in front of the United Nations in New York.

In the UK, Nicolette Jones also had great things to say in The Sunday Times about Rita’s story, told to her by her mum when she was growing up in Tehran.

In May, we were thrilled to be described as “The Mouse That Roared” by the LA Times in its feature story about our decision to terminate ties with Amazon: “The people who run Barefoot Books are frustrated with the business practices of Amazon, the massive Seattle-based online retailer. So this week, Barefoot Books finally said: Amazon, we want to break up with you.”

We were equally delighted when the Guardian shared a similar sentiment: “Children’s Publisher Turns Back on Amazon: Refusing further business, Barefoot Books says retail giant has undermined its commitment to ‘grassroots values.’”

In May, Junior Magazine named the Oxford UK Studio Storyteller’s Café the ‘Best Family Restaurant’ for the second year running!

In July, ABC News covered 10 apps that Apple chose as the most popular to celebrate the five year anniversary of the App Store. Barefoot’s “beautiful, interactive Atlas” was among the ten apps chosen. Whooh!

In August, one of our US ambassadors, Laure Mattaliano, was featured in a segment on the popular news magazine, Chronicle TV, shown on Boston’s ABC TV station. Laurie discussed Barefoot’s “novel approach to learning and business.”

In September, Publishers Weekly ran a feature about the re-making of The Little Red Hen, which includes lively interviews with Tessa Strickland, our Co-founder and Editor in Chief; Kate Slater, illustrator of The Little Red Hen; and actress Debra Messing, who narrates the tale.

Later in the season, influential children’s book reviewer, Carter Higgins of Design of the Picture Book, reviewed Big and Small and Fast and Slow. She writes of the books: “[It’s] the texture that I love the most. Clean shapes, easy lines, and the slightest bit of grit. Smooth, flat color might have been an easy choice to match those shapes and lines. But in a book about contrast, splashing in some texture is smart.”  We were delighted to see how well this reviewer appreciated the essence of these two new books.

In November, Fortune magazine ran a feature that focused on our decision to end our relationship with Amazon: “Nancy Traversy isn’t afraid to challenge conventional wisdom…”

During the festive season, we asked our Facebook community to name one reason why books make the best gifts for kids, and we were blown away by the many responses. Here are a few of them:

Because with a book, a child can become anything, do anything, and see anything they want to! When you give books, you are giving the whole world!’Tom-Rebekka D


‘Books are the gift of education. They teach us skills and promote a lifelong love of learning!’—Edna M


‘They’re good for anytime – bed time, play time, travel, dinner at restaurants, running errands. Books are the best!’— Alicia T

It’s clear that our Facebook community understands the value of books in the hands of a child.

And finally, views on our YouTube channel topped 20 million this year. Our most popular videos are Driving My Tractor with nearly 6.5 million views, If You’re Happy and You Know It with 4.8 million views and The Animal Boogie with just shy of 2 million views.

Thank you to everyone for your support and interest in our work. We look forward to creating and sharing more stories with you in the year ahead!


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