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Debbie Harter, illustrator of Barefoot Books classics such as The Animal Boogie and the Bear series, talks about her art, her family and her love of storytelling! Debbie is a much-loved Barefoot artist who lives in Falmouth, England.

How does your day normally start?

My day normally starts with a coffee! Followed by a shower and breakfast.

Where is your studio?

I work from home and my studio room is a literal hop across the landing, where I have a lovely view of Falmouth. It faces northwest so I don’t have direct sunlight which I find difficult to paint under (except in summer when we get some spectacular sunsets).


Do you have a working routine?

My ‘routine’ is that I read the text and scribble ideas as they jump into my head, to the point they are illegible to anyone but me! If the book requires new characters, I create them before I do any composition work, and I also do any research needed before I do thumbnail sketches of the whole book. Then I dive into detail and send the roughs to the Barefoot editors for their comments. Once I get the go ahead I can scale up and paint. My routine depends on where I am in that process.

Where do you go for inspiration?

I don’t go to a particular place for inspiration, although a walk helps if an image isn’t going how I want it to. I do find other people’s creativity inspiring.

Is there a particular time of day when you work best?

It’s better to work in daylight hours if I am painting as lamplight alters the colour so much. Although daylight bulbs are really good, experience has taught me to mix the colours in the day, then I can use them later on. Daytime is definitely my most productive time.

Illustrating is a solitary occupation. How do you balance this?

I like the fact that illustration is a solitary occupation. I would amuse myself for hours as a child, drawing and writing stories. Working alone is something that comes naturally to me.

A quick sketch of Herb from the Beach Farm House days

What do you do to relax?

In the summer there’s only one place to relax . . . the beach! Luckily for me, it’s only a 10 minute walk from our house. Also, I dance to relax. Even when I feel really tired, it energises me. I’m a ‘Jack of all trades’ in that I’ve done a bit of lots of types of dancing, but for the last 8 years I’ve been doing Arabic based fusion, which I love.


Gylly Beach

Which illustrators most inspire you?

I love the old greats like Arthur Rackham and Edouard du Lac, I think their work is truly magical. I love 1920s illustrators like Erte and Kay Nielson, and there are so many amazing contemporary illustrators: Ralph Steadman, Nicola Bayley, Lizbeth Zwerger, Babette Cole, Jon Klassen . . . I could go on and on.

Which of the books you have created for Barefoot Books is your favourite?

I have a very big soft spot for Bear. I feel very fortunate to have Bear in my life, so he has a special place in my heart. I loved doing Port Side Pirates, I was living in Penzance when I did that, which was handy as you really do see pirates walking about town (honest!). Also my room had a wonderful view of the sea and St. Michael’s Mount that was very inspiring.

How do you most like to spend your evenings?

I like watching TV (boring I know!). My favourite programmes are Horizon, anything by David Attenborough, Strictly Ballroom and Antiques Roadshow. Other than that, I enjoy having dinner with friends, going out to gigs and dancing. The last gig I went to was ‘The Magic Numbers’ with my partner, my very dear friends and my godson. That was an ideal evening out.


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