This autumn, decorate your windows with translucent leaves that let the sun shine through! Using office supplies and tissue paper, work with your family to create a stunning window display perfect for seasonal parties. This activity is inspired by Skip Through the Seasons, which teaches us about winter, spring, summer and autumn.

What to find

• Templates (download below)
• Plastic sheet protectors (or contact paper)
• Tissue paper
• Scissors
• Glue
• Tape

What to do

1. Print out the downloadable templates. Break open the sheet protectors and apply glue sparingly to one of the inside covers.

2. Tear off bits of tissue paper and glue them down until you have covered one side. You may need to apply a bit more glue where tissue paper overlaps. Use colors like yellow, red, orange and brown to give the leaves an autumnal feel.

3. Evenly apply glue to the other inside cover, then fold it over and press down firmly to sandwich the tissue paper. Let dry.

4. Tape leaf templates to the page (Note: You could do this first so you’ll see the templates as you lay down the tissue paper). Carefully cut out the leaves. Make smaller leaves with the scraps. If you’d like, grab leaves from outside to trace!

5. Tape the leaves to your window, or use string to make a mobile!

Our Oxford Studio hung the suncatchers from braches, creating a dynamic autumnal display:

In Concord, they strung the leaves up with twine, and added hay bales and pumpkins! We’d love to see what you create, so share your photos with us on social media with #barefootbooks!

This activity was adapted from The Freckled Homeschooler. Check out their blog for excellent craft ideas!



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