Since writing about Ruby’s first walk to school, I’ve loved every minute of creating her further adventures. From sleeping in a moonlit tent amid giants and dragons, right through to her apprehension at the impending arrival of her impish baby brother, Leon, Ruby has been fun.

Leon was originally called Leo, but so many wonderful coincidences happen in life… While she was working on the story, Ruby’s highly talented illustrator, Miriam, had a beautiful baby boy of her own and she called him Leon. So of course, we had to add the missing ‘n’!

The twins, Seth and Jasper

I remember with my own children, fretting at each baby due date about how the rest of the family would react. I used to hunt books out in which new babies were introduced to the tale as a way of preparing my own frowning, fractious toddlers and their older siblings. It’s extremely satisfying to have the opportunity with Barefoot to write and share these experiences as an older and calmer grandmother. I’ve had a sensational year of new family arrivals with a beautiful granddaughter (Ivy) and identical twin grandsons (Seth & Jasper). I seem to be flitting from household to household (one of which is in Denmark) enjoying life with three bundles of pure energy.

Ivy, making music

As the babies get bigger, I find myself resorting to the good old traditional activities I used with my own babies. This includes using pans, plastic cups and upturned bowls for boisterous music sessions. Who needs whiz-bang electronics when you can sound like a brass band with two saucepan lids and a couple of wooden spoons? The neighbours are still friendly, too!

I’m about to embark on a Ruby tour and am really looking forward to making magic wands and showing children all the tricks Ruby uses to send Leon soaring up to the moon. But of course, as we know, Ruby flies over the moon herself with her gorgeous new baby brother and will conjure up ghosts, witches and a sea full of serpents to keep Leon safe from harm anytime!


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