The crew at Barefoot Books is coming together and everyone is making paper boats to celebrate the release of Starlight Sailor in a new format—a large board book! Use these easy-to-follow instructions to join the crew and make your own paper boat, then share your nautical creations with us by tagging @BarefootBooks and #paperboat on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram. If you’re in the neighborhood of our Oxford, UK or Concord, MA studios this month, stop by and make a paper boat for our maritime displays!

Learn how to make a paper boat using these easy-to-follow instructions from Starlight Sailor.

1. Fold a piece of paper in half towards you.

2. Fold down the top corners so that they meet in the middle.

3. Fold up the bottom edge of the top sheet of paper.

4. Next, fold the corners over.

5. Turn the paper over and do the same on the other side.

6. Open out the triangle shape to make a hat.

7. Then fold the hat down flat to form a kite.

8. Fold the upper bottom point of the kite up towards the top.

9. Then turn the paper over and repeat. You now have a triangle shape again.

10. Open the paper out to make a hat again. Then fold it down the other way to form a kite again. Carefully open out the paper boat by holding the two top points and pulling them gently to the sides.

Decorate your boat if you’d like!

Your boat is now ready for its first voyage! Where will it go? Our Design intern Megan decorated the office with boats made of beautiful paper (and was a great hand model!), and our PR intern Carly photographed the excellent how-to photos featured above. We have the greatest interns!

Share your paper boat photos and adventures with us in the forums or on Twitter and Instagram with #paperboat and @BarefootBooks!

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