Book of the Month The Prince's Bedtime August 2013

With a new heir to the throne in England, how could we not choose The Prince’s Bedtime as our book of the month? Our prince was created by Joanne Oppenheim of New York City and Miriam Latimer of Braunton, North Devon. It was Miriam’s first project with us – I had spotted her in a ‘new graduates’ feature in Illustration magazine and I was enchanted by her quirky characters and her sense of humour. I also loved reading Joanne’s text out loud – the way it rollicks along and you know your audience will guess the final word of every couplet if you give them the chance.

We were going to send a copy of the book to young George Alexander Louis but we heard on the grapevine that Kate and Will want donations to charity from their well-wishers rather than gifts. This request was ignored by many, including the Australians, who, I am reliably informed, have despatched a baby crocodile as a companion to our future king. Interesting. Not that we are not partial to crocodiles, as Barefoot followers will discover when autumn 2014 comes around…meantime, congratulations from all at Barefoot Books to the happy young family and let’s hope that the new prince sleeps peacefully and easily in his cot.

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