Now you can be a monster too! Without the whole scaring humans and stealing princesses part, of course. Use these simple instructions to make your own monster mask, customized just for you. Word of caution: while there’s no real monster, your creativity may be unleashed!

Make Your Own Monster Mask

A Barefoot Activity for Kids Age 5+

What to Find

• Paper plates
• Scissors
• Tissue paper cut into small pieces
• Glue, tape and a stapler
• A small bowl with some water
• Construction paper
• Popsicle stick
• Any additional art supplies

What to Do

1. Sketch out the monster you’d like to make on a paper plate. Have an adult help you cut out holes for the eyes.

2. Put a small amount of craft glue into a dish and add water in equal parts. Stir together and paint the surface of the plate with the glue mixture. Layer your cut tissue paper onto the wet glue. Secure any loose ends or overlapping pieces with additional glue where necessary. Set aside to dry.

3. Use construction paper to cut out features for your monster, like big eyes, a nose and mouth. Create pointy teeth by cutting out lots of triangles. Add ears and horns to your creature by glueing them on the back of the plate. Use paint, pipe cleaners, puff balls and your imagination to make your monster unique.

4. Glue a popsicle stick to the bottom of your monster and reinforce with tape. Make your mask sturdier by stapling another plate to the back. Have an adult use scissors to make sure you can still see out of the eye-holes. When you’re finished, walk around the house and pretend you’re a monster!




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