There are many animals on the farm in A Farmer’s Life for Me, like wooly sheep, clucking hens, a big pig with her piglets and beautiful grazing horses. In this craft you will make your own paper bag horse, inspired by the ones in the story! Be creative with the colours of the mane, add a kerchief to your horse’s neck for some fashionable flare or use a wrapping paper tube to make a homemade riding horse!

Make Your Own Paper Bag Horse



•A paper towel or wrapping paper tube

• 2 small paper bags

• Scissors

• Tissue paper

• Craft glue and/or tape

• Newspaper or paper towels

• Construction paper or cardstock

• Markers


1. Draw a horse’s nose onto the bottom of a paper bag.

2. Stuff the paper bag with a few pieces of balled-up paper towel or newspaper. Insert the paper towel tube into the bag, gather the bag around the tube and secure with tape. This will be the horse’s neck.

3. Make an eye on either side of the paper bag with markers or construction paper. Add any other features you want your horse to have, like nose patches or spots.

4. Make cuts into a horizontally folded piece of construction or tissue paper to look like horse’s hair.

5. Glue the paper on to the top of the head and down the tube to make the horse’s mane.

6. Draw an ear onto a different paper bag. Leave the paper bag flat and cut out the ear — you will end up with two identical ears this way!

7. Tape the ears on either side of the head to complete your horse! If you’d like, add a mouth using an extra piece of paper bag, or simply draw one on with a marker — use your creativity to make it unique!


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