April showers bring May flowers, and what better way to welcome a fresh bunch than with a simple and fun craft? These paper tulips are easy to make and look beautiful grouped in a bouquet or connected with string and hung from a window.

Make Your Own Colorful Tulips

A Barefoot Activity for Kids Age 4+

What to Find

• Colored paper

• Pencil

• Scissors

Lollipop sticks, dowels, or pipe cleaners about 12″ long

Glue Stick

What to Do

1. To do this craft you will first need to print out the tulip template on the third page. Once printed, use your scissors to cut all the shapes. These will be used to trace your leaves and tulips.

2. Take the two leaf-like shapes you just made, trace them onto your green colored paper, and cut them out. These will be used for your leaves. Take the remaining tulip shape, trace it twice onto a different colored sheet of paper, and cut them out as well. Hint: Fold the sheet of paper so you cut two tulip shapes out at once.

3. Now comes the tricky part. Wrap the bottom of your first leaf around the base of the lollipop stick and secure it with tape. Take your second leaf and attach it with tape to the backside of your first leaf.

4. Almost there! Once both of your leaves are attached, coat one side of each of your tulips with glue. Press the glued sides of both tulip shapes so that the lollipop stick is secured between them.

5. You now have your spring tulips! Try using different colors for each flower or use clear string to attach several together like a mobile!




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