If you download our Singalongs from Youtube, you will already know that the most popular one is Driving My Tractor, written and composed by Jan Dobbins. Farms may be far away from the everyday lives of many of us, but they retain a considerable allure for small children. I grew up in rural Yorkshire, with calves and sheep, chickens and piglets among my playmates, so I feel a certain nostalgic delight about this project, as well as a debt of gratitude to author and composer Jan Dobbins for having conjured up another compelling tune. I was dismayed last summer to read in the Daily Mail that most teenagers have no idea where butter comes from. As for bacon – a third don’t know it has anything to do with pigs and 3 percent think it comes from cows. You won’t be surprised to hear that many don’t know where eggs or milk come from either.

However, this won’t be the fate of any child who reads and sings A Farmer’s Life for Me. They’ll whizz through the farming day with four lively children, doing all the things you would imagine wanting to do on a farm: collecting eggs; visiting a splendid sow with her wee piglets; raking the hay; harvesting juicy cherries in the orchard;  feeding and watering the ponies.  There’s a fact-packed double-page of notes at the end of the book, too, so that young readers know where their sausages come from. 1, 2, 3, it’s a farmer’s life for me!

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