If you were born in the Year of the Snake, you are said to be calm, wise and elegant. Celebrate Chinese New Year and the wise Snakes in your community with this lively mobile! Have fun with colour and embellishments to make your snake the most dazzling of them all!

Year of the Snake Mobile Craft

The Chinese Lunar Zodiac was established in the mists of time, when the Jade Emperor decided that each year should be ruled by a different animal. He established the names in the order that the animals finished the race. Slither to the finish line and welcome the Year of the Snake with this fun craft, inspired by The Great Race.


• A sheet of 8 1/2 x 11 inch/A4 or A3 card

• A round plate or compass

• A pencil or fine black pen

• Paints, felt tip pens, crayons, glitter and embellishments

• Scissors

• 15–20 inches/35cm of garden twine, ribbon or invisible fishing line

1. On your sheet of card, use your pencil to draw around a plate approximately 8 inches/18cm in diameter, or use a compass to draw a circle of the same size. Alternatively, simply print the template provided onto your sheet of card and move on to instruction number 3.

2. Draw your snake in a spiral within the circle, making sure to add a head at the outside edge of the circle. Don’t forget the tongue! It helps to go over your pencil line in pen so that it shows through your paint.

3. You now have your snake outline! It makes it easier if you paint or colour the snake before cutting it out. This way you don’t need to worry about keeping within the lines and the snake won’t make things extra difficult and wriggle away from you! Add beads for eyes, shiny paper and glitter to jazz your snake up.


4. Once your paper has dried, cut around the snake and follow the spiral line into the centre.


5. Have an adult help you use a sharp pencil or pen to make two small holes just below the head.

6. Thread your twine through the holes and tie a small knot. Your wriggling snake can now be carried around, hung from the ceiling or looped over a door handle.

7. Make other animal puppets so that you can have your own Great Race to celebrate Chinese New Year!



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